Nandos plant based fakeaway

Nandos fakeaway

Are you locked down, but fancy a Nandos?
Then never fear! This is an easy to make at home Nandos fakeaway with plant based Piri piri “chicken” served with a side of
homemade Nandos spicy rice and a side of homemade Nandos macho peas

If you plan it carefully it can all be ready in about 30mins.

First things, first make sure you have plenty of Nando’s Piri-piri sauces

piri-piri sauce bottles
in order of preference Nando’s Piri-peri sauces

I start by prepping the chicken. The plant based chicken I like to use is by the Vegetarian Butcher, found in most Supermarkets in the UK, These are nugget sized pieces of soy protein that have the texture and taste that is remarkably like chicken.

Spread the “chicken” onto a metal baking tray and cover in Nandos medium marinade sauce and place in an oven at 160C for 15 mins.

Now start to prepare the rice and peas. (after 15 mins check the chicken and turn the oven down to low.

Next cook the spicy rice, as this takes around 20 mins. (remember to check the chicken)

Nando’s spicy rice
This plant based spicy rice has been adapted from the Nando's spicy rice recipe
See the Full Recipe
Nandos spicy rice

While the rice is cooking you can then prepare the macho peas. These can be kept warm in a low oven until the rest is ready and takes around 10 mins.

Nando’s Macho peas recipe
This is a plant version of Nando's Macho peas, very quick and easy to prepare
See the Full Recipe
Nandos macho peas

Once all the dishes are ready, serve up the Fakeaway.

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  1. 5 stars
    I stumbled across this by chance when i searched veggie nandos and WOW I was not disappointed! this recipe looks amazing! as a newbie to the veggie switch, this makes it look so easy! thank you for your content. I have had a great browse through and collated a lot of recipes I’m now looking forward to trying! thank you for this hidden gem!

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