mushroom and spinach tart
Mushroom and spinach puff pastry tart
roasted aubergine layers
Roasted layers of Aubergine
french bean salad
French bean salad in a caper, garlic and lemon dressing
Chargrilled artichoke hearts with tomatoes in a balsamic dressing
carrot and coriander salad
Carrot and coriander with poppy seeds, chilli and walnut salad
Sushi rice
Sushi Rice
wakame salad
Wakame salad
vegan colomba cake
Vegan Colomba di Pasqua (Italian Easter Dove bread)
walnut lettuce tacos with mango salsa
Walnut lettuce tacos with a mango chilli salsa
Mango and Green chilli salsa
Mango and green chilli salsa
Pixar’s ratatouille
filo parcel
Filo parcels with cream cheese and onion chutney
Lemon and lie tart
Lemon and Lime tart
Tabbouleh with pomegranate pearls
Tabbouleh with pomegranate pearls
Fresh Falafel
three. bean salad
Three bean salad with chilli, ginger, soy and lime dressing
Almond biscuits
Almond biscuits with a hint of lemon
crispy tempeh
Crispy tempeh with cashews in a sticky hoisin sauce
Pak choi
Pak choi with garlic, ginger and toasted sesame oil
vegan shortbread biscuits
Vegan shortbread biscuits
Iced fruit buns
Plant based fruit buns with lemon icing.
spinach, apple and walnut salad
Spinach, apple and walnut salad with a lemon mayo and poppyseed dressing
Puy lentil and fresh turmeric salad
Puy Lentil and fresh Turmeric Salad
Chow mein
Chow mein with tofu
Guacamole or ‘mashed avocado’
Black bean chilli tacos
Black bean chilli tacos
stuffed pasta shells
Stuffed pasta shells
Asian Slaw
Asian Slaw
red lentil flatbreads
Red lentil flatbreads
vegan biscotti
Vegan biscotti
Chickpea, Olive and quinoa salad
Chickpea, black olive, quinoa salad with a lemon and parsley dressing
Vegan Stollen
Vegan Stollen with almonds and marzipan
vegan pad thai
Vegan Pad Thai
Quinoa and Red kidney bean salad
Quinoa and kidney bean salad
Edamame and lentil salad
Edamame and lentil salad in a chilli, miso and soy dressing
stuff jacket potato with mushrooms and onions
Jacket Potatoes stuffed with Mushrooms
vegan Cornish pasty
Vegan Cornish pasty
Onion bhaji
Spicy carrot and coriander soup with toasted pumpkin seeds
black eyed peas with mushrooms and spinach
Black eyed peas with spinach and mushrooms
mushroom pate
Mushroom, Walnut and Lentil Pâté
Nandos fakeaway
Nandos plant based fakeaway
Ratatouille stuffed Aubergine
Ratatouille Stuffed Aubergine
Lancaster lentil hotpot
Indian inspired recipes
Indian inspired meals
Thai porkless cakes
No pork Thai cakes
Yorkshire Parkin
Yorkshire Parkin
Puff Pastry roundup
Wrap it in Puff Pastry
bean, nut and pepper roll
Two Bean puff pastry roll
Focaccia bread
Pea and Spinach soup
Pea and Spinach soup with sourdough croutons
beetroot and red onion tatin
Beetroot and red onion tarte tatin
Leek and Potato soup
Leek and Potato Soup with spring onion and chilli garnish
Seedy nutty fruity flapjacks
Mexican quinoa
Mexican Quinoa Salad
Banana & Walnut Bread
Banana & Walnut Bread
Bulgur wheat with peppers, pomegranate & Pine Nuts
Red onion and pepper tatin
cauliflower sweet potato curry
Roasted cauliflower, sweet potato and tofu Curry
Lembas bread
Nandos macho peas
Nando’s Macho peas recipe
round up of plant based burgers
Not another plant based burger
broccoli, tomato, hazelnut salad
Broccoli, hazelnut, tomato Salad
Farinata with red pepper and mushroom
How I cook Soya Chunks
Nandos spicy rice
Nando’s spicy rice
Edamame, quinoa and peanut salad in a lime and chilli dressing
Classic Humous
nutroast slices
Vegan Nut roast
Naan bread
TVP and Seitan burgers
Lentil and quinoa salad with tomatoes and a mint and parsley dressing
Roasted butternut squash and avocado salad with a raspberry and lemon dressing
Roasted peppers with tomatoes and garlic
Italian roast potato salad
Tomato, Basil and Garlic Tarts
Moroccan Chickpea Tagine
Moroccan Chickpea Tagine
Plant based raita
Tarte tatin
Tarte tatin
Sticky toffee pudding
Sticky toffee walnut pudding
Avocado, tomato and sweetcorn salad
yellow split pea dal
Yellow Split Pea Dal
Pomegranate, toasted pine nut and avocado salad
Cashew nut cream
Italian bean salad
Italian bean salad
Seitan “chicken” pieces
courgette, pea and radish salad
Courgette, pea, radish and pecan rocket salad with lemon dressing
Warm Sweet Potato Salad with a Lime, Chilli & Coriander dressing
Chickpea and Red onion mayo sandwich
Crushed chickpea and red onion mayo sandwich
Moroccan chickpea and sunflower salad
Moroccan flavoured chickpea & toasted sunflower seed salad
Lentil and Quinoa mint salad
Lentil and Quinoa mint salad
Plant based Paella
Spicy black bean and lentil burger
Spicy black bean and red lentil burger
Moroccan red pepper couscous salad
roasted tomato salad
Slow roasted tomato and basil salad
Red Lentil Burger
Red Lentil Burgers
Courgette, carrot, pumpkin seed, poppy seed salad
Lentil, Pine nut and Mushroom Ravioli
Vegan Pizza Margherita
Pasta Dough
Classic vinaigrette
Classic vinaigrette
mushroom nut and walnut ravioli
Mushroom & Walnut Ravioli
Tagliatelle Pasta
Waldorf Salad
Waldorf Salad
miso, soy and chilli dressing
Miso, soy chilli dressing
Pizza dough
Oat Flapjacks
Oat Flapjacks
Marmite Palmiers
black bean burger
Black bean, Spinach and Falafel Burger
Chapati, Roti or Tortilla
pilau rice
Pilau Rice
Tofu Feta
Tofu alternative to feta (tofeta?)
Pad Thai
Vegetable Pad Thai
Penne Pasta, Mushrooms and tomato sauce
Vegetable Biryani
Vegetable Biryani
Flat breads
Flat breads
Broccoli and mushroom stir fry
Broccoli and Mushroom Stir Fry in a Ginger, Garlic and Chilli Soy dressing
rice paper bacon
Vegan Crispy Bacon
nut,bean and pasta burger
Nut,Bean and Pasta Burger
Sweet potato fries
Mushroom & Cannellini Tarragon Pie
falafel and bean burger
Red kidney bean, Kale Falafel burger
french salad dressing on salad
French dressing
BTL Sandwich
TLT Sandwich
Vietnamese pancakes
Vietnamese crispy pancakes
Houmous on avocado on sourdough toast
brussel sprout stir fry
Brussel sprout stir fry
roasted squash pastry
Roasted Butternut Squash and Chickpea parcels
Leftover stirfry
Sunday Leftovers Stir fry
felafel bean burger
Falafel bean burger
Red Cabbage Coleslaw
Red Cabbage & Carrot Coleslaw
mushroom and pepper crunchwrap
Crunchwrap with Mushroom and Peppers
veggie chickpea curry
vegetable chickpea curry
Roasted Aubergine Sandwich
Roasted Aubergine Sandwich
tomato sauce
Tomato sauce with fresh basil
black bean fajita
Black Bean & Mushroom Fajitas
sweet potato toast with toppings
Sweet potato toast with avocado & tomato toppings
Teriyaki chickpea sushi
Spiced Shredded king oyster mushrooms
chickpea and cauliflower curry
Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry
toasted tofu tikka curry
Toasted Tofu Tikka Curry with red peppers
stir fry
Tofu, Mushroom and Cashew Stir fry with Singapore noodles
Mushroom Bolognese with Courgetti
Black Lentil Dal
Black Urad Dal
curried chickpea and mushroom pattie
Curried Chickpea and Mushroom Pasty
Tofu Nuggets
Crunchy Spicy Tofu Nuggets
Jerk Tofu and Spinach
Jerk Tofu, Mushroom and wilted Spinach
Tomato and pesto farinata
Tomato & Pesto Farinata toasts
Minted Buckwheat Salad
Edamame stir fry
Stir fry with leftovers 1
rice and mushroom salad
Warm Mushroom & Chickpea Salad
Red Lentil Dahl
Buddha Bowl 1
roasted mix squash
Roasted mix squash
winter salad
Sweetcorn salad
Charred baby sweet corn with peanut sauce
Charred Baby sweetcorn & sugarsnap peas in a spicy peanut sauce
tomato salza
Tomato Salsa
Thai Curry Bean cake
Vegan Donner Kebab
vegan sausage roll
Mushroom and Nut Roll
Vegan Chilli with Emmer wheat
Vegan Chilli with Emmer Wheat (Farro)
Lentil and mushroom shepherdess pie
Vegan green Thai curry
Vegan green Thai curry
ushroom and nut wellington
Mushroom & Nut Wellington
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