Water melon, walnut, white cheese and leaves salad

a very quick and refreshing first course of water melon, chopped walnuts, a vegan white cheese such as the violife’s blu block or greek white, chopped into cubes) and selection of fancy salad leaves ( I used red amaranth, pea shoots and red vein sorrel ) dressed a raspberry vinaigrette.

takes only a few minutes.

Make the dressing -in a cup or small bowl mix 2 part olive oil and 1 part raspberry vinegar (or a white wine vinegar will do) and 1/2 tsp of dijon mustard (acts as an emulsifier and keeps the oil and vinegar combined) – I like it sharp as it contrasts with the sweet melon and soft ‘cheese’.

Next place the salad leaves in a large bowl and add just enough of the dressing to taste, but not to soak the leaves, toss and leave. Save any spare dressing for another day.

Chop up the melon about the same size as the walnuts

Cube the cheese ready to use.

Now assemble the individual salads directly in to large bowls ready to serve – Add a portion of the dressed salad leaves to all the bowls. Next, scatter 6 or more walnut halves on each salad, then the same for the melon and the cheese.

They are now ready to serve.

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