Vegan Pizza Margherita

Our recipe combines the classic flavours of this traditional Neapolitan pizza using plant-based substitutes.

Heat the Pizza oven. if you only have adomestic oven turn it up to max with with a pizza stone inside or a flat metal roasting tray large engouh for a pizza.

Make the pizza dough use the recipe HERE

Once the oven is hot and ready, set up your toppings and tomato sauce (homemade tomato sauce recipe here ) and use semolina flour to flour the surface where you are going to roll the pizza.

Grab a small tennis ball size dough and cover the bowl to stop the dough from drying out, and simply roll the dough out into a rough circle, on the semolina floured surface about 4mm thick. This can take a while as the dough is springy and stretchy but keep turning and rolling and even use your hands to stretch the dough, make sure its not sticking to the surface, use more semolina flour if necessary.

Once the dough have been rolled, its ready to cover with the tomato sauce and your favourite toppings.

Using a pizza peel to lift up the pizza and place in the pizza oven. If you haven’t got a pizza oven use a large roasting tray or pizza stone to cook it in a regular oven preheated to its maximum with the tray in there so when you place the pizza in the oven on the roasting tray/ pizza stone will start cooking the underneath immediately.

Once its in the oven keep an eye on it, a wood fired pizza oven will cook the pizza in a few mins, and will need turning, a regular oven it will take about 15 mins and probably not need turning

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