Indian inspired meals

Indian inspired recipes

I prefer to serve Indian food buffet style, which allow the textures of the bhajis and pakoras to contrast perfectly with the creamy dal and spicy curries.

Bhajis and pakoras, in the UK these are served as the first course, usually fried but can be bake, provide lots of texture and flavour, crunchy and spicy and usually served with chutneys and raita dips

Onion Bhaji
easy to make a spicy snack crispy onion bhajis served with cooling cucumber and mint raita or a mango chutney as a snack, or eat alongside a homemade Indian curry. 
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a quick and simple cucumber & mint yoghurt based dip that pairs perfectly with hot and spicy dishes
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Plant based raita

I love the creaminess of dal. plant based dals are a lot lower in saturated fat than their dairy based cousins and not forgetting they high protein and fibre.

Yellow split pea dal
Takes about 60 minutes, so this recipe makes enough to freeze for another day.
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yellow split pea dal
Black Urad Dal
Black Mung Bean Dal
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Plant based homemade curries are much healthier than takeaways, lower in saturated fat, less salt.

Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry
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chickpea and cauliflower curry
cauliflower, sweet potato and tofu curry
This plant based curry is made by roasting the cauliflower and sweet Potato and mixed together with toasted Tofu in a tomato and coconut curry sauce.
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cauliflower sweet potato curry
Veggie and chickpea curry
a simple oil free veggie curry consisting of sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower, onion, mushroom, peas, 2 tins of chopped tomatoes and a tin of chickpeas.
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veggie curry

Rice and Breads – the perfect side dish to curries and dal, ideal for soaking up the flavours .

Pilau Rice
simple to make flavoured rice
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pilau rice
Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice simmered in spices loaded with vegetables, almost a meal on its own
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Vegetable Biryani
Naan Bread
Make your own plant based Indian flatbreads at home and you'll never go back to buying them. Delicious eaten warm, these naans are ideal served with your favourite curry.
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Chapati, Roti, Tortilla
a simple unleavened bread, takes moments to make
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